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Welcome to Flynn Dentistry Kaysville. We are your premier Davis County Cosmetic and Family Dental office. Our trained dental staff promises to provide you with the utmost personal attention and professional excellence.  We utilize the latest modern equipment and techniques including 3D cone-beam dental CT radiology, low dose digital Xrays, state of the art electronic handpieces, and piezo-electric surgical equipment for increased success with comprehensive dental treatments.  We have also partnered with some of the best dental labs and referring specialists in Utah to provide you and your family with the highest quality treatment.

Our dental hygienists are second to none at providing each patient with excellent and gentle care. We believe that caring for your teeth and smile is one of the most important factors in promoting good health.

We welcome you to our dental family!

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Flynn Dentistry Kaysville

206 South Main Street

Kaysville, Utah 84037

(just one block North of Davis High School)

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About Us


Dental Exams


Each new patient receives an initial comprehensive dental evaluation by both the dentist and hygienist.  We record your health history, past dental treatment, periodontal (gum) health and needs, dental & oral pathology.  We then discuss your individual concerns and develop a personalized dental treatment plan to be completed at your pace.  We'll provide you with all your available options, and even research your dental/medical insurance information (if applicable) to give you a full understanding of your situation so you can make the very best informed decision concerning your dental health. 

Dental Fillings


Dental fillings are the most basic and common aspect of dental treatment, however, not all filling materials are of the same quality in esthetics and durability.  We utilize Sonic-Fill 2 high density injectable cosmetic composites to provide the strongest long term successful fillings as well as Ultradent's Vit-l-escence esthetic restorative composites for beautiful front teeth restorations

Root Canals


Arrrgh-the dreaded root canal!  Actually, root canals are slow, quiet, and boring (most of my patients fall asleep once they are numb).  The negative hype about root canals has to do with the pain/swelling that brought you into the dental office in the first place.

Everything inside your body must be sterile or infection & toxins will build and spread.  When the sterile nerve in your tooth is contaminated by tooth decay (bacteria) or trauma which results in the nerve dying (decomposing) then pain & swelling results.  A root canal simply is the process of removing these bacteria and contaminated tissues, thus re-sterilizing the inside of the tooth.  Afterward, we seal the sterilized tooth and restore the tooth back to function, typically with a dental crown.

With 20 yrs of experience and the added use of magnification and 3D Cone-Beam CT technology, we are able to see inside your tooth from every angle helping us to properly diagnose and treat your toothache.

Depending on your situation this can be performed in a single appointment or over multiple visits, allowing your body time to remove the surrounding infection.

Adult Orthodontics 


We now offer 'Invisible orthodontics' to correct most mild-moderate adult orthodontic needs.  Most of these simpler cases are completed within 3-6 months, typically at a fraction of the cost of a traditional orthodontist's office.  For children and more complicated cases, we can refer you to some of Davis County's best orthodontists.

Emergency Dentistry


We are often your first and last stop when it comes to treatment of dental emergencies.  We offer in-house root canals, infection control, extractions & bone grafting,  wisdom teeth removal, and even dental implants.  

Don't spin in circles when you are in discomfort getting outsourced for actual treatment at yet another office.  We do it all and often the same day!

Dental Hygiene


I've said it before--Our hygiene department and hygienists are the best!  They are extremely gentle and professional while providing the highest quality of care.

Wisdom Teeth


With over 20 years of experience removing even the most complicated wisdom teeth, there is literally nothing that we can not safely remove.

Typically between the ages of 16-18 yrs old (but ranging from 13-21 yrs old), most people will not have enough room in their mouths to support the eruption of their wisdom teeth (3rd molars).  If left unremoved to fully form they often result in future infections and complications. Waiting too long also results in increased risk as the longer formed roots are adjacent or even wrap around the nerve that provides sensation to the teeth and jaw.

Bone Grafting
& Dental Implants


Having to lose a tooth because of fracture or infection is a bad day for anyone.  Luckily, it is not the end of the world as modern dental technology and techniques now allow us to safely remove the tooth and pathology, take a blood draw, and mixing your own natural healing cells and growth factors with bone grafting materials to rebuild the failed site.  Upon healing a dental implant and crown restores your mouth to its natural form and function.

As a graduate from NYC & Dental XP implant fellowship certification course as well as multiple hands-on continuing education courses around the country, our office is able to provide advanced surgical and implant dentistry from single missing tooth sites to full mouth reconstructions.

Dentures & Partials


In cases where many or all of your teeth are gone or need to be removed, full dentures or partial dentures are a great and economical way of restoring function and esthetics in your mouth.  These prosthetics plates can be mixed with dental implant anchorage either by initial design or retrofitted later enabling an even higher function of use and reduction of material bulk.

Whether you require a denture/partial or want to discuss securing your existing set with an implant, give us a call and we would be happy to provide you with options.

Gum Surgery


Gum recession is often a genetic situation where your gums pull-down exposing the root of your tooth.  These exposed roots can be very sensitive, but worse our roots are soft and can easily lead to cavities and irreversible bone loss.  The good news is if we treat them early we can thicken and reposition your gums covering and protecting your roots.

Teeth Whitening


We offer both in-office and professional take-home whitening both with affordable and amazing results

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"The best Dentist and Staff in Davis County! They treat you like family! I would recommend them to anyone!"



"Becky the hygienist was awesome and a great conversation during the cleaning.  Felt like I knew her for years.  Can't wait to come back and see her again.  I also enjoyed Baylie her assistant who was also a pleasure to work with.



"Service was very nice."



"This is the best dentist around.  He is honest and does a dang good job!!!"



"Dr Flynn is a great dentist.  The hygienist was amazing and did a great job!"



"Dr Flynn and his staff are very good.  We have been coming here for 15 years amd we are very satisfied"



"Went in for Phase 1 of my smile makeover and I couldn't be happier with my results thus far! Dr Flynn and the staff were kind, attentive and thorough.  I really appreciate their attention to detail and careful efforts to give me the smile I've been dreaming of :) "



"The hygienist that performed my cleaning was very good.  Her technique was outstanding as it was thorough, but gentle enough to avoid discomfort"



"We love you. Thank you!"



"I love this office--The people are the best!"




"Flynn Dentistry has been great to me. Very comfortable being there. Treated like good friends. Just really good people."



"Good quality service, and friendly."



"The staff fit me in in an emergency situation with a bad toothache.  Dr Flynn was step by step letting me know what he was doing during the procedure.  He along with the staff are all knowledgeable about their work.  Everything was explained up front to me from the billing all through the procedure and they make you very comfortable.  Thank you again!"



"The technology of this dental office is excellent and the knowledge and care provided by the staff will keep me coming back for years to come!"



"Great office.  I felt welcomed, cared about, and taken care of.  Everything was clean, they were fast, and quickly helped me.  Everyone was kind and heped me feel comfortable.  Great location close to Davis High School.  Would recommend to anyone."


"I had a tooth that was bugging me, and called and was able to get in the same day. The staff was very fast and friendly. I will be coming here for a long time."


"I am always pleased when I visit Flynn Dentistry. The experience is as pleasant as possible considering you are having your teeth worked on."


"All around great experience and the staff is so nice and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone I know."


"We appreciated Dr, Flynn and his staff for the special care they provided during the appointment. They made sure we understood the follow up procedures and we felt they was concerned for my dental health."


"I have used Dr. Flynn for my dental needs since I moved here 11 years ago. His staff is always friendly and professional and take care of everything I need, even when it's emergent. He has a great partnership with a quality orthodontist to provide all the care one could need for their teeth. I will continue to use him as long as I live in the state of Utah. Definitely go see him for anything dental that needs to be done."



"I am very happy with Flynn Dentistry and have been going there for over 15 years. I am grateful that Dr. Flynn now does dental implants. He removed my cracked tooth and placed an implant, relieving me from pain without me having to wait for an appointment with a specialist. He has also done a great job with extracting wisdom teeth and with root canals and cosmetic dentistry. Highly recommended."



"Very organized, friendly, clean and Dr. Flynn was honest and upfront about everything going on. Highly recommend his practice."


"Dr. Flynn took his time to talk to me, even gave me options on what route to take for my dental procedure while explaining each pros and cons. Last words he said before he left me with his assistant: we’ll take care of you here. Just what I need."


"Dr. Flynn is so careful and thorough."

"Excellent quality"

"Very kind and not judgemental. I feel like I can trust what he is doing"

"I liked their dental cleaning procedures and the friendly office. Brooke, the dental hygienist does excellent work."

"Love Dr. Flynn!"

"You are the best in town. I always no that I am getting the best service when I come to your office. Dr. Flynn and all his staff are awesome."

"Very freindly and knowledgeable."

"The dental hygienist was exceptionally good, and the working staff as well. Dr. Flynn cares about your dental health."

"I love the beautiful photos !! I don't love going to the dentist but I love the special treatment and friendly atmosphere I feel when I go!! Thank you"--Janice 

"Always the best!"



"This is the best dentist I’ve had. Dr. Flynn is straightforward with options and his staff are super friendly. Will continue to go with them as long as I can."




"We have been going to Dr Flynn for about 15 years. He is a great dentist and the staff is very good. I would recommend Flynn Dentistry to anyone."


"Dr. Flynn is a great Dentist and the staff is very friendly and fun."

--Cynthia "Cyndi"


"Dr. Flynn and staff go the extra mile with keeping things clean and providing excellent service. They work hard as a team to help their patients have the best dental care possible."


"I love going to the dentist. Everyone is so fun and kind. My experiences are always great. Would recommend to anyone."


"Very nice service"


"Top rate dentist office. Everyone is so nice and the dentist and assistants do great work."



"Everyone at Flynn Dentistry is phenomenal. All so friendly, kind and helpful. Dr Flynn is amazing and cares about his patients while doing great dental work."


"Everyone is super friendly and the dentist is awesome!"


"A comfortable, clean,and professional environment"


"Great staff! Everyone always goes out of their way to fit me in with my crazy schedule and goes out of their way to answer any questions."


"Thank you everyone!!!"


"The most friendly and professional dentist office I have been to and the only one I will go to."


"Dr. Flynn and staff are friendly and professional. I highly recommend their office. They all go out of their way to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Kudos to a great team"


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Mon, Wed, Thur      8 AM – 5 PM

Alternating Tu/Fri    8 AM – 2 PM


Please call or e-mail us today to schedule an appointment


Flynn Dentistry Kaysville

206 South Main Street

Kaysville, Utah 84037

(just one block North of Davis High School)

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